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Group Mulch Sales


This is a great way for neighbors to pool their buying power together and purchase bagged mulch in bulk/by the pallet loads and have the bags delivered to everyone’s garden. Upon purchasing 5 pallets of mulch or moreyour neighborhood will qualify for a group discount of $.25 per bag when the mulch is delivered on the same day. The more you buy the more discount your neighborhood would receive. Please contact us for information and discounts.


We All Need Mulch

Mulch is something all gardens need each year to protect plants, conserve water, reduce weeds, reduce soil run-off and keep homes looking beautiful. Mulch is a practical way for supporters to spend their money on a product they need versus other fundraiser options such as magazines, candy bars, or coupon books.

Your Organization Can Earn A Huge Payoff

On average, a supporter will buy 30– 2cu.ft. (cubic foot) bags of mulch for their home. Assume a member of your organization would sell to 5 donors. Based on an average of $.75/bag profit and having 50 members selling, your organization would profit $5,625. This profit comes with no financial risk to the organization

You Will Experience Repeat Business Next Season

People use mulch every year to landscape their property. By providing excellent customer service, your organization will experience repeat customers each spring and add new referral donors. Some clubs doing similar fundraisers report their profits tripled in three years.

Opportunity For Troops, Clubs, And Off-Season Sports Teams To Get Together.

This is a great way for the sports teams, troops and clubs to get involved in the community by delivering packaged mulch to homes and businesses. The community will see the hard work the teams put forth and their great spirit.

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