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Professional Ice Melter

Professional Ice Melter

Professional Ice Melter is a 4-way blend of tech-grade calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium chlorides that are triple-screened to provide uniform spreading with maximum results. The entire blend is then coated with Defrost® to enhance melting power and is then treated with an anti-caking agent to allow easy pouring and extend shelf life. Professional Ice Melter® granules are coated with DEFROST®,a powerful de-icing agent that works on snow and ice faster than untreated ice melters. Unlike other rock salt-based products, Professional Ice Melter® is formulated with improved granule sizing for maximum contact with target areas. The flat surface of the granule provides ideal boring action and is less apt to roll off sidewalks and pavement.

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Package Weight


Melt Speed at +5° F

Melts to

-16° F



Pallet size

50 qty-50# bag


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