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Spring & Summer

Bulk and packaged mulch delivery

Midwest Salt’s spring and summer product lines will help your business meet its outdoor needs. We offer the largest variety of bulk and packaged mulch in the Midwest. All of our dyes are made from clays and other organic materials which makes them safe for the environment and pets. Ask about or quantity and early order discounts on our spring and summer products.

Packaged Mulch

Packaged Mulch is the easiest way to transport and store mulch. Packaged mulch typically saves 30% labor costs per project. With a large selection, we will meet your business’s decorative outdoor needs. In fact, some types of packaged mulch costs less than bulk mulch products (i.e. cypress mulch). When estimating your packaged mulch needs, here is some importation information to know: Each much bag is 2 cubic feet and will cover a 3 ft. x 4 ft. area 2 in. deep. 13.5 bags equals 1 cubic yard. Midwest Salt is available to assist you with your packaged mulch estimation. Give us a call for assistance.

You can view our delivery territory here.

Bulk Mulch

Bulk Mulch is a great solution to complete large ground cover projects. We purchase large volumes of bulk mulch from our producing partners throughout Midwest in exchange for deep product discounts, low delivery rates, and on time delivery. We offer two convenient ways for you to receive as many yards of mulch as your project requires.

  • With our Direct Ship option, we ship the largest selection of high quality mulches throughout the Midwest at the best prices. Truckload deliveries are typically 60-80 yards depending upon the type of mulch and your order will deliver within 24 to 48 hours, including Saturday delivery. Nobody else will match our service!
  • We offer the convenience of Onsite Pick Up from our West Chicago, IL warehouse. With our indoor storage facility and numerous ready-to-be-loaded mulch varieties, we can have you on your way in no time.
  • This product is available in FULL TRUCKLOADS only. Midwest Salt no longer sells less than full truckloads of bulk mulch. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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