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Midwest Salt is a 30 year-old company where customer service is not our strategy, but our way of life. We are a SERVICE company first that just so happens to deliver bulk salt, packaged ice melt, water conditioning salt, feed salt, and food grade salt. You deserve great service from everyone you work with to run your business and should not settle for less. We are committed to understanding your business by providing the products you need, on-time, delivered to where you want them, and at the best value. It is the reason why we are the fastest growing salt company in the Midwest!
— Tony Johnson, President

Why Midwest Salt?

We are Game Changers!

For businesses, there are two ways to increase profits, raise prices or become more efficient. We work with you to develop strategies to maximize cost and efficiency savings through new technologies, early-buy discounts, product selection, and delivery coordination.

Quality Products At Great Prices!

There are so many salt products on the market that making the decision to choose the right product for your company can be confusing. We have the best trained professionals in the industry and have a commitment to provide you the highest quality products that will result in higher profits for you.

Great Service You Deserve!

We do not settle for business as usual. We have the largest and deepest supply chain in the industry. For you this means we do not run out of product and will meet your delivery needs. We can deliver same day orders in case you run out. Nobody else provides this level of service.
Our Most Popular Products

Now shipping bulk salt for the 2016-17 Winter

Reduce chlorides and save money!
Midwest Salt is a Nationwide Bulk Salt, Bulk Rock Salt Distributor, and Bulk Industrial Salt. As well as supplying any quantity or variety of packaged ice melt needed. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and FAST delivery. You can purchase your bulk  salt by the truckload, barge or vessel and we will handle all the logistics to get you your order fast and hassle free. Please, call today for a quote. 630-513-7575