Midwest Salt supplies thousands of companies in numerous industries across the United States. We source our bulk salt supply from domestic and foreign mines and solar fields, for example our most popular bulk ice melt. We also source our high purity industrial salt from several North American salt sources right to our stockpiles. Having access to more bulk salt sources than our competitors make our supply chain much deeper and much more shortage resistant. Midwest Salt also does more of the logistics work than the competition, that means hassle free, on-time deliveries without you needing to worry. Just place an order and tell us where and when you want it! Shop Bulk Salt for Roads Here or Bulk Salt for Water Conditioning.

Bulk Salt- Industrial Salt, Highway Salt and Road Salt

We ship vessels, barges, trainloads and truckloads of our high quality bulk road salt anywhere you need it.

Gulf Coast – We can bring in full vessels of bulk salt specifically for your needs to many off load locations along the gulf coast.

East Coast- If you need vessels or barges of bulk salt any where from Maine to the Carolinas, we have a port to use. Get ready for the winter storms with as much bulk salt as you’ll need.

Great Lakes- If access to a full vessel or barge is easiest via a port on the Great Lakes we have you covered. About any Great Lakes port that can handle the size of ship you need can take delivery of your bulk road salt, bulk solar salt or bulk industrial salt.

Mississippi River System – The Mississippi River System lets barges of bulk salt move all the way from the Gulf of Mexico to places like; Chicago, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Louisville, Cincinnati and many more ports and canals along the Ohio, Arkansas, Illinois Rivers.

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