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Bulk Agricultural Feed Salt

Our three types of bulk animal feed salt provide the highest qualities of pure salt and are available treated or untreated with YPS.  All of our bulk animal feed products are NSF certified.  Call today to talk to one of our animal feed salt experts about your business needs and receive a same day quote.

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Package Agricultural Feed Salt

Midwest Salt is a proud supplier of American Stockman animal feed salt. For decades, customers have relied on American Stockman feed salt and mineral products for optimum livestock health. Our wide animal feed salt product line provides the highest quality minerals that animals need to ensure appropriate animal weight gain, optimize milk production, and enhance overall health. Our customers can mix and match packaged products to meet their animal feed salt needs and minimize inventory carrying costs. We offer on-time and expedited delivery on both packaged and bulk products and onsite pick up locations in 7 states. With our high quality feed salt products and experienced delivery carriers, let Midwest Salt be your number one choice for animal feed salt.

Our packaged animal feed salt allows you to mix and match the products that satisfy your animals’ needs. With a large variety of animal feed salt to choose from, we offer salts with different purity levels and mineral components. We offer packaged feed salts with and without the anti-caking agent YPS, weather resistant salt, and salts with one or more core minerals. Products are sold by the bag, block, pallet, or truckload. The more you buy the more you save.

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