Buy truckloads of saltAt Midwest Salt we can supply ANY sized order you may want! Many customers have began buying larger quantities of salt to stay as ready as possible. The benefits of buying a FULL TRUCKLOAD of packaged salt are plentiful.
First, you have more ice melt on hand to fight the snow and ice. Second, you only need to take the time to accept one delivery of 18 pallets vs. many hours taking 4 or five deliveries of 5 pallets. Third, you SAVE MONEY which ends up with you MAKING MORE MONEY.

So, how does one buy truckloads of salt or a truckload of ice melt from Midwest Salt? It could not be easier.

1. Request a quote from the form below
2. Midwest Salt will call you back within 24 hours
3. Discuss your needs with our Rep
4. Sign your quote and pay or apply for credit terms
5. Get your truckload of salt when you want it
You may be wondering how much salt you get when you buy truckloads of salt. A truckload of salt is generally 18 pallets, 49 bags per pallet, 50lbs per bag. Doing the math, you’ll get:
-882 bags
-44,100 lbs of salt
-about 22 tons of salt

You, of course, are wondering HOW MUCH MONEY DO I SAVE when I buy a truckload of salt. That depends if you buy in August-September, you’ll qualify for early buy discounts. Sometimes early buys are still offered into October. That means you get a lower per-bag price AND truckload discounts. Don’t worry though, buying a truckload of salt in-season will still save you time and money. Since Midwest Salt has warehouses and salt storage across the country, we can deliver truckloads of salt ANYWHERE. Do not hesitate to request a quote on a truckload of salt delivered to your storage place. Browse our packaged salt products