Charity Water is an amazing organization helping Africa build a water infrastructure that will one day enable Africa to be self sustainable. Scott Harrison, an entrepreneur and founder of Charity Water developed a strategy of drilling water wells close to villages and uses the people from the villages to do the labor.  I find this amazing because the people of Africa have a vested interest in this plan and have the feeling of success after discovering pure water.
Villages with access to pure water significantly reduced the disease in the village, increased crop production, and reduced the amount of time a person travels to attain disease ridden water by up to 5 hours per day.  Imagine what a person can do with 3-5 extra hours a day.  They can go to school and further develop their crops and village.  The video on our page is very powerful and provides more details of how they expanded their reach to South America, Central America and the Far East.  You can go to for more information and videos about their accomplishments of already drilling more than 3.900 wells and bringing pure water to over 1.7 million people.  You can make your donation at