– Landscaping Snow Removal Contractor – Chicago Metropolitan

Two years ago, I received a contact from Tony, who at the time was trying to expand the brand of Midwest Salt. Always being interested in new distributors to expand my availability of resources, I decided that it would be worth giving them some of our business. It has by far been one of the best decisions I have made and I rely on them heavily throughout the winter season. Not only is Tony friendly and professional, but he and the entire Midwest staff go above and beyond to “make it happen” for their customers. Their product selection and availability are fantastic and they have bailed me out multiple times when there is an unexpected and rapid drop in my inventories. They truly understand their customers and will do whatever is possible to be sure I am satisfied. I would recommend Midwest Salt to anyone because of their great products and ability to get me what I need, even when the market is strained.

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