Van or Flatbed

We deliver full truckloads of packaged product all over the USA . Full truckloads in van trailers are typically 18 pallets delivered right to your dock. If you do not have a dock, but do have a forklift or skid steer, a flatbed is a great solution. We can even deliver a full flatbed trailer load WITH a forklift on board. Let us know if we need to make special arrangements, i.e. day cab or 48’ van trailer to accommodate your facility.

Semi Truck full pallet salt delivery

Flat bed full pallet salt delivery

Flatbed  w/ Forklift

When ordering up to 18 pallets, we will unload them with our piggyback forklift and place them on your dock or where ever your facility needs. Our forklift can maneuver through mild snow or rain to get you your order ASAP!


Hand Delivery

All of us at Midwest Salt pride ourselves in being the most flexible company you will ever work with. Give us an opportunity to prove it to you! Our delivery technicians will hand stack your order up stairs, down stairs, in the garage, and will fill your water softener for you.  You can count on our team to neatly hand deliver your product where it needs to go.


Box Car

If your facility is rail served we can provide box car service.  Box cars can hold 62-68 pallets of packaged product and are an economical way to move significant tonnage over long distances.

Box car packaged salt delivery