Expectations When Using Liquids As Anti-Icers

Almost all liquids are not specifically designed to melt snow and ice. Liquids are a tool, not a replacement for solid de-icers. Many people in the snow removal industry have high expectations of liquids to melt inches of snow and some companies believe the days of plowing or using rock salt are gone! This is all wrong. Your expectations for liquids should be to:

  1. Reduce hard pack snow on the areas you treated
  2. Reduce slip and fall issues
  3. Create safer conditions faster, for drivers and pedestrians
  4. Reduce your actual plowing time
  5. Reduce the amount of solid ice melters overall
  6. Save time, labor, and profit!

Midwest Salt offers some liquid solutions that melt more than a typical ¼’- ½” of snow that most anti-icers will melt. These liquids are a good solution when melting a dry snow of 1” or less.