Group Salt Sales


This is a great way for neighbors to pool their buying power together and purchase water softener salt by the pallet loads and have the bags delivered to everyone’s front step or softener. The minimum bulk buy is 4 pallets with savings of $1.00/bag as long as the salt is delivered the same day. The more you buy the better discount you and your neighbors will receive. Please contact us for more information and discounts.


Salt Day

Salt Day is when a not for profit organizes an event when their patrons purchase water softener salt from one location, one day or a series of three days per year. Midwest Salt would deliver the salt the day before or day of the sale and assist the not-for-profit with the heavy lifting. This program typically would bring in profits greater than $750 for the first sale and significantly more in future sales. Please contact us for more information.

In-home Delivery Signup Contributions

We offer a donation to your not-for-profit organization for referrals given to Midwest Salt. You suggest to your supporters to contact Midwest Salt to place an order, your supporter mentions your organization, and then your organization receives a donation on behalf of your supporter. This is a great fundraiser because little effort is required by the not-for-profit and the donations repeat with the supporter’s future orders. The amount of the donation depends upon the service performed. The typical monthly donation for 20 supporters is $125 to $225. We deliver a wide variety of salt products for homes and businesses. We also offer two salt delivery services to homes and businesses. We deliver water conditioning salt to your supporter’s water softener or to their doorstep at home or dock at their business.
Please contact us with any questions. Donations will be paid monthly to the not-for-profit for all payments received from patrons.