Welcome to the Midwest Salt Blog. We have collected articles from across the web and written others to help educate our customers and any site visitors whom may be interested in our products. The most important information about bulk salt, ice melt, mulch and liquid ice melter can be found below.

— Tony Johnson, President

Mulch Donation to Prairie Grove Elementary

Ms. Wilson, the science teacher for Prairie Grove Elementary, care taker of the student garden in the center of the school.  The garden is set outside and surrounded on all sides by the school.  The garden is absolutely beautiful representing all shrubs, flowers, trees, and grasses naturally from Illinois.  Ms. Wilson called and was upset… Read more »

Where Does Water Come From?

Water is generally classified into two groups: Surface Water and Ground Water. Surface water is just what the name implies; it is water found in a river, lake or other surface impoundment. This water is usually not very high in mineral content, and many times is called “soft water” even though it usually is not…. Read more »

Learn About Liquid Ice Melt

Liquid Ice Melt Delivery

Liquids are the Game Changer in a highly competitive market. There are two ways to increase profits, raise prices or be more efficient. Price-conscious customers may be lost if you raise prices doing the same thing you always did in the past. Increasing efficiency enables you to reduce overhead, add customers, and be more competitive… Read more »