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Pre-application, De-icing & Stockpile Treatment

Liquid ice melter is the GAME CHANGER in our highly competitive ice melt market. Used correctly, our customers recognize significant cost savings through reduced labor from fewer applications, less ice melt product to reach the necessary result, and our customer’s customer is more satisfied with the results.  Our experience with the products and equipment and our customizable liquid ice melt training program will realize you big dollar savings.  Not only do we offer the liquid ice melts and deicers, but the know-how.  After ordering liquid ice melt from us and going through the liquid ice melt training program, our customers realized increased revenue, increased profits and more satisfied customers that are less willing to change service providers.  We have the answers.

Liquids can be purchased in 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote or 2,000 to 4,200 gallon tank truck.

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Liquids work… & will increase your profits!

Liquids are the Game Changer in a highly competitive market. There are two ways to increase profits, raise prices or be more efficient. Price-conscious customers may be lost if you raise prices doing the same thing you always did in the past. Increasing efficiency enables you to reduce overhead, add customers, and be more competitive when you bid. Our customers after using our liquids realized increased revenue, increased profits and more satisfied customers that are less willing to change service providers.

Liquids Work, We Have the Results

We tested most liquids in the marketplace and we agree with you that many did not work as described. Also, we found many of the producers sold their products with little to no education behind how to use the product. Most companies would invest thousands in equipment which was not calibrated for their applications. In the end most people did not realize the time and cost savings promised by the other liquid ice melt producers. We have the answers.

We are introducing the largest selection liquid ice melter that work for any application, the education program to help you recognize the additional profits promised, the right equipment at all levels of investment starting from $1,799, and a liquid equipment trade-up program to help your company grow in liquids. Give our liquid ice melt professional a call today to setup a consultation.

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