Midwest Salt at WATERCON 2020

Join us at Watercon 2020 in Springfield, IL. From Monday March 23rd to Wednesday March 26th 2020 WATERCON 2020 will be discussing all urban water, drinking water, storm water management, wastewater and reuse. Stop by the Midwest Salt booth, #510, for information on the “Future of Illinois’ Salt Supply”. There’s a lot happening on the waterways of Illinois this year, the main arteries of salt transportation into the Northern Illinois area! Midwest Salt is prepared to weather the lock closures, along the Illinois River in 2020. These closures will impact salt availability for MANY business and municipalities across Northern Illinois. Don’t be left without salt for your operations, plan ahead with Midwest Salt for a easy, worry free salt supply. For more information on the Illinois River lock closures in 2020 and the impact on how you get your salt and how much it will cost, contact us at 630-513-7575.