Municipal Bulk Water Conditioning Salt Case Study

While a Midwest Salt sales person was out prospecting, he came across a municipality in need of a reliable salt supplier. The community manager confided their current supplier had an issue getting their barge to the offload/staging location and had to wait weeks for a delivery. They had approximately 5 days of salt left in the brine holding tank. Midwest Salt was able to expedite a delivery within 2 days to ensure they would NOT run out of the bulk water conditioning salt.


Based on the city’s water usage, a single load of salt lasted between 3-5 weeks depending on usage. The brine tank had only a one and a half truckload capacity. This municipality would have to order their bulk water conditioning salt as needed.


-Must have a bulk water conditioning salt delivered within 4 days of order placement.

-Special delivery equipment: This facility could only facilitate a control flow dump truck. Dust from a pneumatic delivery was an issue that could not be permitted.

-Faster Ordering: The customer was not happy about the previous order process, which needed to place a request online, wait for it to be reviewed and approved, then wait multiple days to get a truck scheduled. With Midwest Salt, one phone call was all it took to schedule a salt delivery ASAP!


North West Suburbs of Chicagoland


Given our capabilities to access thousands of tons of our own salt bulk water conditioning salt  and our large supplier network of salt, Midwest Salt is poised to be the perfect supplier. Our salt location is on the outskirts of the city, easing the logistics to the customer and allowing for satisfactory freight costs. Having access to our own controlled flow end dump semi trailer, we could guarantee availability of a truck to haul the salt. Lastly, having our own controlled salt supply and access to many other salt distribution facilities, we can get their water softener salt order to them, quickly and on time.  We do not run out of salt!