Oil Refinery Bulk Salt Supply Case Study

Midwest Salt was contacted by an oil refinery in the Chicagoland area. They presented some problems they were having with their bulk salt supplier and needed a more reliable source of bulk industrial salt for delivery to their production facility. Midwest Salt has them covered. We can always handle the supply AND logistics of any bulk salt order. They case details are as follows:

The Refinery needs a reliable source of 100 tons of industrial evaporated bulk salt every week. The bulk salt needs to be NSF certified.

-Must have a bulk salt delivery every 2 days due to limited storage space compared to usage rates.
-Special delivery equipment: a truck-connected conveyor dump unload to an elevated tank located over 10 feet above ground. This is necessary requirement to reduce salt dust when unloading.
-All delivery personnel need to be specially certified and have their backgrounds cleared for access to refinery premises.

North Central Illinois/Chicagoland Southwest, Near River Access

Working with the refinery, Midwest Salt determined that 4, 22-24 ton truckloads of bulk salt would be sufficient if delivered Monday , Wednesday & Friday. Due to production volume at this facility being completely reliant on salt to deminerialize the water used for cooling, running out of softener salt would shut down the refinery production to protect equipment. Midwest Salt worked directly with the carriers to ensure that all delivery drivers would have the correct access rights and clearances to enter the premises.