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Bright & Soft® 50 lb Block by Diamond Crystal®

Diamond crystal water softener salt block 50lb
diamond crystal salt

Bright & Soft® 50 lb Block by Diamond Crystal®

Made with up to 99.8% pure salt, these premium-purity brine blocks feature a recyclable cardboard sleeve. Virtually 100% water soluble, they are specially formulated to resist mushing and bridging in the brine tank— helping to keep your softener clean and trouble-free. Recommended for use in most water softeners, as directed by manufacturer.

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• 50 lb block 99.8% pure salt
• Virtually 100% water soluble, helping to eliminate brine tank clean-out that is necessitated by insoluble material
• Can be used in most water conditioning units
• Minimizes mushing and bridging; keeps your water conditioning unit operating smoothly, reduces brine tank clean out

Package Weight

50lb block



Pallet Size




% Insoluble


Iron Remover



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