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Super Sack – Pellets

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Super Sack – Pellets

Compacted salt pellets are made up of a high-performance formula that minimizes residues and softening equipment maintenance, helping water conditioning units work as efficiently as possible. These cubes are vacuum compacted from top quality evaporated salt for extra hardness and specially sized to help eliminate bridging, and mushing. 99.8% pure salt.

•99.8% pure salt

•Hardest compacted pellet in the industry

Guaranteed not to bridge or mush in your brine tank

•NSF ANSI-60 Certified

•Meets AWWA B200-12 Standards

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Package Weight

1/2 ton tote, 1 ton tote

Pallet Size

1/2 ton tote – 2 , 1 ton tore – 1





% Insoluble


Iron Remover



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