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reseller infoMidwest Salt is the fastest growing salt distributor in the Midwest for a reason, “Customer Service Is Our Way Of Life”.  We are a service company first, we just so happen to distribute packaged water conditioning salt, ice melt, animal feed salt, and bulk rock salt to more than 5,000 customers like you! We deliver where and when YOU need it. You deserve great service, Midwest Salt will deliver!

Become a distributor of of Midwest Salt’s products and more, today!

  • Lower product costs & short lead times
  • Best quality products in their classes
  • Midwest Salt lead generation
  • Advanced marketing support
  • Mix & match products to maximize discounts


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Point of sale product support

We offer Point of Sale display items, including brochures, posters, banners, price cards and more. We have product collateral to keep your customers informed about the products you will be selling.

Reseller marketing support

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