Stronger Supply Chain – Snow Business Magazine

Our President, Tony Johnson, wrote a great article for the June issue of Snow Business Magazine. The article focuses on building a stronger supply chain for your salt and avoiding salt shortages come severe winter conditions. Tony speaks from his experience of past salt shortages and analyzes the cause of shortages and how to prevent this from halting your company’s efficiency. Tony reviews the top 5 goals snow management contractors consider and the compromises they may need to make for their salt supply

Aligning Goals:

  • Receive good quality salt
  • Receive their salt within 1-2 days form ordering
  • Have no risk of holding too much salt int he off season
  • Guaranteed supply  but not being on the hook if there is a light winter
  • Purchase at the lowest price available in the market.

Finally, Tony shares ideas on the next step to building your optimum supply chain that can help you be “salt shortage proof”

Please read the whole article here