Bulk industrial salt delivery and Packaged Water Conditioning Salt Delivery

All of us at Midwest Salt pride ourselves in being the most flexible company you will ever work with. No order is too large or too small. We will deliver industrial salt or packaged salt within 48 hours to your pit, dock, or brine tank. Give us an opportunity to prove it to you, request a price quote! We have the largest selection of industrial salt, bulk salt and packaged water conditioning salt in the industry. View the specifications of our best selling bulk water conditioning salt here.  Our salt will meet your requirements and typically save you between 7%-15% as compared to your current supplier.

Our selection includes evaporated, solar, and rock salt with purity ranges of 98.8% to 99.9% from multiple suppliers which ensures that we will have product in stock and available for you. Lastly with our large and deep supply chain we will deliver salt for you where you need it and when you need. Here are some comments from our customers. Check out our customer testimonials.



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