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When choosing the best water conditioning salt for your facility not all salt is the same.  We chose Compass Minerals, United Salt, Morton Salt and Cargill to be our suppliers, because their water conditioning salt is the best value on the market and these companies consistently execute their production process resulting in dependable products we expect.

Evaporated Salt is the highest purity salt available for water conditioning. Essentially, a salt pellet is similar to table salt compacted into a pellet form. Cargill’s evaporated salt pellet from Hersey, MI is the hardest compacted pellet in the industry. Product is available in bags of 25lb, 40lb, 50lb, 1,000lb (tote) and 2,000lb (tote)

Evaporated Salt Blocks are produced the same as salt pellets, but molded into a block form. There is a binder added to the salt blocks to ensure the blocks keep their form while in your brine tank. We see a trend of customers moving away from salt blocks to pellets because bagged pellets are easier to handle then blocks and significantly more injuries are attributed to blocks rather than bags. Product is available in blocks of 25lb and 50lb

Solar Salt is less pure than evaporated salt, but typically more economical. There are no bridging or mushing concerns with solar salt, but there will be some impurities left behind in the bottom your brine tank. This material would need to be wiped clean from time to time. United Salt’s solar is double washed and kiln dried to give you a product that is more than 99% pure. Product is available in 40lb, 50lb, 80lb, and 2,000lb (tote)

Rust Inhibitor Salt is evaporated salt that comes in both pellets and block forms. A natural additive is combined with the evaporated salt to remove the iron (“rust”) from your facility’s water. Product is available in pellets in 25lb bags and 40lb bags. Also the product is available in 50lb blocks.

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Totes/Super Sacks are a great way for your organization to reduce product costs, reduce risk of injury while lifting salt and reduce overall labor costs if your water conditioning system has the room to allow a forklift to hold the tote over your brine tank. These totes are anchored with four strong corner loops to easily lift the salt.  The bulk salt is transferred to the brine tank by the quick release drawstring on the bottom of the tote.  One easy pull of the drawstring releases all the salt from the tote.  This process is much easier than manually installing 40- 80 lb bags of salt 1 at a time.  Pellets are available in 1,000lb and 2,000lb totes.  Solar salt is available in 2,000lb totes.

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