Weather Changes and Impacts on Our Industry

According to scientists worldwide, climate change is happening now. The cause or causes are still to being examined and debated. The EPA conducted studies based in regions in the US and how the future weather patterns will affect each area. They cover the area overview, Impacts on Human Health, Impacts on Water Resources, Impacts on Agriculture and Ecosystems. Even with warmer temperatures expected over the coming years, the likelyhood of frozen precipitation during winters is much increasing. Ice storms typically require more saltings if temperatures don’t rise above freezing shortly after the event.

Midwest- Weather patterns producing precipitation are expected to increase in the region which would lead to above normal occurrences of flooding and wetter winters overall.

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Northeast- Sea level has risen over 18 inches in the past 110 years, combined with increased occurrences of storms and flooding. Inland bodies of freshwater are vulnerable to contamination via more frequent salt applications, storm water runoff and sewer system overloading.

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