What is water softener salt?

Water softener salt pellets or solar salt is a high purity salt used to regenerate ions in water conditioners or ion exchangers. The salt can compacted in to salt pellets or sold as granules.  Simply request a water softener salt quote here. Midwest Salt delivers high quality water softener salt.

What is hard water?

Hard water is simply water that contains high amounts of minerals; calcium, iron and magnesium. In industrial applications, hard water can increase maintenance costs, damage or clog manufacturing equipment, or require higher detergent to water ratio. All of these issues can increase costs for businesses. This type of hard water also leaves mineral deposits on dishes and or fixtures, damages cloth during washing, corrodes metal, inhibits soap sudsing, and stains household surfaces. Needless to say, hard water is not the ideal type of water anyone wants in their pipes, equipment and appliances.

How can you fix hard water?

The most common way of fixing hard water is with a water softener. A water softener will exchange the minerals from the water coming in to your facility with other ions, thus removing them from your water. It works by collecting the hardness minerals in a conditioning tank (ion exchanger). Over time the ion exchanger fills up with the minerals that were removed from your water. Once full, the water softener will need to regenerate it’s ion exchange capacity. It does this by flushing the ion exchanger with salt water or brine.

What types of water softener salt are best?

You will want to use the softener salt that the manufacturer of your unit recommends. This can be solar salt, salt blocks or water softener salt pellets. The next consideration would be the purity of the salt you choose. Any impurities with the sodium chloride will be left behind in the brine tank. The impurities will build up over time and require removal from the brine tank.

Does Midwest Salt sell the water softener salt you need?

Yes! Midwest Salt sell every type of water softener salt you may need. We have water softener salt pellets sold by the bag, by pallet, or by the truckload (18-19 pallets) and unload by our forklift to your loading dock. Water softener salt pellets can also be purchased in bulk, one ton super sack or full truckloads of loose bulk water softener pellets. The bulk water softener pellets can be delivered by controlled flow or pneumatic delivery methods directly to your brine tank or holding facility. You may browse our packaged water softener salt here or bulk softener salt here.

Midwest Salt can supply you packaged water softener salt pellets or solar salt granules by the pallet from our West Chicago, IL location for pickup or delivery. Additionally, we have distribution locations across the United States that can directly ship truckloads of  salt to your facility.

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