Packaged Ice Melt-tester

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Packaged Ice Melt

With more than 300 blended ice melt products on the market today, it is easy to understand why businesses are confused about what to buy. When deciding which ice melter is best for your application, you should consider the components in each ice melter, how these components interact for fast results, its effects on vegetation, concrete, pets, and interior floors, and concerns with corrosion. Our trained professionals will walk through your application requirements, cut through the marketing clutter from the ice melt producers, and provide the best solution that will result in the best value for your business. We also offer an ice melt knowledge base for those of you who need easy to find, quick information on how ice melters work. Our team is committed to improve earn your business through offering pre-season discounts and to mix products per order to maximize discounts, i.e. 9 pallets of rock salt and 9 pallets of MVP 3-Way De-Icer. We offer the largest solution based ice melters in the market:

  • Straight products, Rock salt (multiple suppliers), calcium chloride pellets and flake, magnesium chloride pellets and flake in 25lb and 50lb bags
  • Blended products, 3 and 4 component de-icers in a combination of solid and dried liquid material and some products are dyed while others are non- dyed
  • Acetates and Formates, eliminates corrosion, best solution for parking garages, airports and helipads

Besides the many great brands we sell, we also developed our own ice melter. After a multi-year process of testing the best components and with the best combinations of ice melters, we developed our private label MVP 3-Way De-Icer. (create a link to MVP 3-Way De-Icer) Since then, MVP 3-Way De-Icer is one of the most trusted brands on the market, became the Most Valuable Player of many snow removal teams, and continues to prove year after year to be the absolute best performing ice melter in its class. You can view our delivery territory here.

We deliver any size order from 8 bags to full truckloads.

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