types of logistics to distribute bulk salt

Supply & Logistics

There is a reason Midwest Salt is the fastest growing salt distributor in the United States.  Supplying salt is only one aspect of our business.  We are a full-service delivery company, meaning we handle the Supply AND Logistics of your company’s bulk salt and packaged product needs.  As a company we are driven to making your purchasing process and our delivery systems operate as smoothly as possible for our customers.  You simply tell us how much salt you need and where it has to go and we will handle the rest, beginning with attaining you the best price possible per order.  Thanks to our sales team carefully examining your specific needs and determining which area of our supply chain to utilize, we can keep your costs at a minimum.

Factor in convenience when you use Midwest Salt as your supplier.  By choosing us, you will have the option of picking up your order at any of our numerous ports, warehouses, and salt piles dispersed throughout the country.  Or better yet, avoid the stress of working out the details on how to get the numerous loads of salt to your location on time by allowing us to handle ALL of your logistical needs concerning your salt order.   This all-encompassing level of service is what makes Midwest Salt stand apart from the competition in the bulk salt and packaged salt distribution industries.

Getting the Job Done

Midwest Salt works directly with different carriers across the country to deliver your salt in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.  Our vast carrier and distributor network can handle truckloads, barges, salt storage, off-loading, vessels, train cars, and any other economical means of delivery to get your bulk salt order to you on-time and hassle-free.  We also possess numerous trucks and forklifts for deliveries.

By allowing Midwest Salt to manage the logistics of your salt delivery, you can focus your attention on your customers and your business operations.  With one call, we will do it all.  That is the way purchasing salt and getting ready for winter should be, and that is how Midwest Salt gets the job done.